The Zano Marketplace Platform allows any user to run their own decentralized marketplace, meeting any business needs. It’s secure, censorship-resistant, and requires only basic web dev skills to operate.
The Zano daemon handles all the blockchain work.


  • Decentralized

    Listings are stored on the blockchain with no single point of failure it’s censorship resistant.

  • Private

    The Zano blockchain utilizes Ring CT and stealth addresses to ensure buyers and sellers anonymity.

  • Trustless

    Zano Escrow Contracts allow both sides to enter an escrowed deal, using customizable collateral without involving 3rd party.

  • Customizable

    Marketplace code is easily customizable to fit any business needs. Take a look at the Use cases to learn more.

  • Secure

    The Zano blockchain uses Hybrid PoW/PoS.


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